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Motive Power
Lift Truck
One Powerful Package - Division Overview
Deka D Series

D Series Operating Instructions

Deka Maintenance Saver

Deka Gel Maintenance Free

SVRLA Operating Instructions

Deka E-Z Link

E-Z Link Operating Instructions

Deka Max Powr

Max Powr Operating Instructions

Deka Powr Mate

Powr Mate Operating Instructions

Deka Hydrasaver

Hydrasaver Operating Instructions

Deka ChargeMate

Deka FastCharge

FastCharge Operating Instructions

Deka Industrial Battery Service Manual

Basic Rules for Battery Care and Maintenance

Guide to VRLA Batteries
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Motive Power Batteries
For durability and dependability...choose Deka!

Industrial Motive Power Batteries

Decrease downtime and increase profitability with Deka industrial motive power batteries. Available in a wide range of sizes and AH capacities. Deka delivers dependable power for all of your material handling needs. Made in the U.S.A.

Dependable chargers are essential to keeping your batteries operational. Deka offers a complete line of Ferroresonant and SCR industrial chargers with a full range of rating and control designs. Our quality chargers provide multiple recharge and diagnostic options that can be perfectly matched to your application.

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