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Telecommunications - UPS: Unigy I

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Unigy I
Telecommunication Solutions
12AVR30 & 40 (12 Volt AGM Monoblocs 30 A.H. & 40 A.H.)
12AVR75 & 100 (12 Volt AGM Monoblocs 75 A,H. & 100 A.H.)


12AVR100ET (12 Volt Front Access AGM 100 A.H.)
12AVR145L & 145LLP (12 Volt Front Access AGM 145 A.H.)
(12 Volt Front Access AGM 150 A.H.)
(12 Volt Front Access AGM 170 A.H.)
(12 Volt Front Access AGM 200 A.H.)
Telco Rack Systems (12AVR150ET & 12AVR170ET)
Unigy I Installation and Operating Instruction Manual
12AVR145L & 145LLP Installation and Operating Instruction Manual
Guide to VRLA Batteries
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Valve-regulated, sealed lead-acid battery technology designed for ultimate performance.

Deka Unigy I sealed lead-acid batteries are available as AVR (absorbed valve regulated) and GVR (gel valve regulated) technology for virtually any application demand. Both are UL recognized components and are made in the U.S.A. with individually tank-formed plates for optimized uniformity of cell-to-cell voltages.

Deka Unigy 12AVR145 sealed lead-acid batteries are available as AVR (absorbed valve regulated) with the following features: Pure lead positive grids, front access terminals, tank formed plates, flame retardant polypropylene, flame arrestor, self sealing vents, epoxy post seals and a design life of 10 years @ 77F @ full float.

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