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College/Intern Opportunities

Do you want to keep learning?

Are you looking for new and exciting opportunities?

Would you like to use your education to make a difference?

If you answered yes to the questions, than you should consider working for East Penn.  Whether your interests are in finance, manufacturing, engineering, sales, marketing, research and development, safety and health, or human resources, you will be amazed at all the job opportunities East Penn has to offer.

What type of person are we looking for?
The ability to work well as an individual and team member, a drive for innovation and continuos improvement, a strong code of ethics and integrity, a commitment to quality and safety, and the utmost respect for others are among the attributes that typify successful people at East Penn.

What's in it for you?
Your initial job at East Penn is only the beginning!  We have a long history of promoting from within.  It is part of our commitment to our employees, and a key to our success.

East Penn Intern Quotes

An internship at Deka gave me exposure to a side of science that coursework does not.

I gained experience working with others in engineering and chemistry projects outside the traditional college lab setting.

Not only did Deka provide me with internship experience working in a manufacturing setting, they also offerred me a full time job shortly after graduation.

O was given the opportunity to see how the skills I gained in college could be applied to the outside world.

Deka's personal setting allowed me to feel comfortable with my mentor and other staff at a professional level.

I was given the opportunity to work and learn along side of and from experienced personnel that have been working working in my field for longer than I've been alive.


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