Our U.S. EPA permitted facility is a model for the lead-acid battery recycling industry.

Sustainable Since Day One.

At East Penn, sustainability is simply who we are. It’s been that way since Breidegam Family opened their one-room battery shop in 1946.

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Sustainability means designing and manufacturing defect-free, durable products that provide years of performance. We have one of the lowest defect rates in our industry through a deep quality-centered culture and relentless continuous improvement initiatives.

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The centerpiece of our commitment to the environment is found in our closed-loop approach to environmental protection. Our sophisticated recycling facility processes approximately 30,000 batteries per day – recycling virtually 100% of each spent battery received for processing.

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Learn more about East Penn’s Environmental Protection Plan.

Where to Recycle
With an extensive network of warehouses throughout the United States and Canada, East Penn makes it easy to return and recycle your batteries. To contact the closest recycling facility to you, visit our Where to Recycle page. Our branch personnel will happily assist you.

Used Battery Transportation
For information regarding DOT transportation regulations and proper packaging of used batteries, please see below.

SLI: Stacking and Securing Used Batteries

SLI FAQs: Stacking and Securing Used Batteries

Motive Power: Stacking and Securing Industrial Batteries/Cells

Stationary Power: Packaging and Securing Stationary Batteries/Cells

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Employing the most advanced control technology available to reduce lead emissions into the air, wastewater and stormwater, East Penn began deployment of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters in our facilities over a quarter century ago. Our systems produce air quality that is actually cleaner than what’s found in the surrounding atmosphere.

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Energy Conservation & Renewable Technologies

Our R&D program is on the cutting edge of new innovations in energy storage. Our role in advanced lead-acid technology supports start-stop and other HEVs, smart electrical grid technology and renewable energy generation like wind and solar power.

our Sustainability in action:

  • 200

    Nearly 200 million pounds of lead are recycled annually.

  • 11.8

    Over 11.8 million pounds of plastic are recycled annually.

  • 6

    Our acid reclamation plant, the industry’s first, recycles over 6 million gallons of acid annually.

  • 31.5

    100% of our industrial wastewater is recycled — 31.5 million gallons of recycled water annually.

  • “Take care of what you have, and protect resources wherever possible. Back then we didn’t call it sustainability. We called it common sense.

    DeLight Breidegam Jr., Chairman and Founder
  • “Being sustainable plays a role in the decisions we make every day – like reinvesting in research, technologies, equipment and people. And through our reinvestment and continued growth, we remain focused on taking actions that protect the health, safety, and vitality of our environment, co-workers, and community.”

    Sally Miksiewicz, CEO

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